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    A foodie at heart, this lover of veggies and sweets tastes and cooks her way through the SF Bay Area. A six month stint in France has definitely influenced my pallet as well as my cooking, though I lack the proper culinary education to make any real claims. My lessons have come from my mother, my host mom in France, my friends, and my good ol’ faithful – allrecipes.com (which I use for reference on occasion but always make my own additions, subtractions, substitutions, and variations. Or I simply browse through for inspiration. But you will not find any of my recipes copied from there, rest assured). The site will include both restaurant and festival reviews as well as home brewed recipes from my heart and stomach. Food for thought? I certainly think so, because without the tastiness consumed all over the city and in my own kitchen I wouldn’t be half the person (or cook) that I am today.